Red Larch

Red Larch is a small polity in the east of the Hundred Kingdoms that is known for it’s agricultural (wheat, velvet worms) and metallurgical output. The Rakshasa’s Arms creates some of the most reliable, and versatile equipment in the region, if not the prettiest. Alternatively, Red Larch’s velvet worm breeding pits aren’t as renowned as the forge, but their owner Ishaan Karst is famous in his own right. Mostly for being insane, but extremely polite. It’s a weird mix in a conversation.

The town is run by 16 minor Mages who call themselves “The Order of the Orange-Lidded Eye.” Really they’re a collection of business leaders half of whom hate their group’s name and each other, but still manage to run the town fairly and efficiently.

Recently, some of the town leaders have been seen whispering among themselves in the corner of the tea shop, and dark alleyways like some high school clique. “Sooo mysterious!” proclaimed one local 10 year-old playing soccer as three cloaked and hooded members glanced about shiftily and ducked into Gaelkur’s Opium Den and Barbershop.

The friendly rivalry between The Implacable Copper Supplicants and The Tenebrous Emerald Consortium has reached a violent peak as students roam the streets in gangs looking to beat each other up using only their fists and their spellbooks. Literally, they’re braining eachother with leatherbound tomes.

Red Larch

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